Vision PMS

The School aims at providing a Caring and Parenting Atmosphere and imparting a strong sense of Self-Motivation in all students in to discover and develop their Uniqueness while striving to reach their Full Potential to become a Responsible Citizen.

                                                                        Our Mission

The School is a Safe Caring Learning Community and Provides a Warm Secured Environment for Complete Personality Development of the Children by

  • Inculcating strong Moral Character
  • Physical, Mental, Social and Emotional development
  • Developing self motivation and Self Realization
  • Promoting creativity and strong communication skill
  • Promoting Democratic values and Patriotism
  • Creating a stimulating environment that foster innovation and the Spirit of  Scientific Temper
  • Giving equal importance to other activities like sports, dramatics, elocution, debate, art, music, etc., to help its student grow both emotionally and physically.                            
  •                                                                                           Our Values                  
  •  Academic Excellence and integrity
  • Professional Leadership and Scholarly Research
  • Competition with Cooperation
  • Integration of Teaching, Counseling, Research and Service
  • Diversity, Equity, Social integration and Justice
  • Foster Uniqueness of every individual